Tips For Babysitting
By Alexandra Wade - June 5, 2022

Babysitting is a popular way for high schoolers and college students to earn some extra bucks on the side. However, babysitting is not everyone’s thing. It can be quite difficult to keep the infant or toddler engaged, especially when they are missing their guardians. This article will provide some tips for your babysitting experience and ways you can keep them engaged, to make the process easier.

Getty Images/Moment/Ekaterina Goncharova

Remember that it takes time for the child to get comfortable with you. You are essentially a stranger to them. Some may act extremely shy or irritable as a result, making the babysitting process harder. In such a scenario, patience is the key. Bend the rules during this time, and do what they want, just so they can get comfortable in your company. This can include extra screen time or play with any toys they like. It does not have to get educational just right away! You can also take them to the park in the evenings for longer if the child prefers to be outdoors. This is also a perfect opportunity to get to know their likes and dislikes. It will be especially helpful later when you need to convince them to do something.

Another important and useful tip when babysitting is to always have a bunch of activities on hand. Arts and crafts, for instance, can get messy but they will keep the children occupied for quite a bit. Moreover, arts are especially helpful in sharpening the child’s creative side and this helps the brain develop. Getting messy with paints and crayons is the best way to sharpen their mental skills and even, increase their focus. Another great activity is physical exercise. While obviously, the children will not be doing pushups, get them involved with various sports such as gymnastics and taekwondo. It does wonders for their physical growth!