Tom Cruise to Blast Off to Space in 2021 to Shoot His New Movie
By admin - September 30, 2020

Ticket reserved: Tom Cruise will travel to space in 2021 to co-create the film that will be an action adventure genre.

Information about this was first reported back in May: Tom Cruise plans to implement an ambitious project in collaboration with Elon Musk’s company SpaceX and NASA. Along with this famous actor, the film will be directed by Doug Liman, who has shot such famous films as Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Edge of Tomorrow.

Cruise, 58, is known for his boundary-pushing tricks in his action movies, which he oftentimes does himself. The last Mission: Impossible movie, 2018’s Fallout, even had to pause filming after Cruise broke his ankle while jumping from one rooftop to another.

A few days ago, it was officially confirmed that Tom Cruise will fly a spaceship in October 2021 with director Doug Liman.

Back in May, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said they were pleased to be allowed to be involved in the project:

“If we can get Tom Cruise to inspire an elementary kid to join the Navy and be a pilot, why can’t we get Tom Cruise to inspire the next Elon Musk? That’s what we need. We need a new generation of many Elon Musks. That’s what we’re doing with our launch [and the film]. It’s all about the next generation.”

The name of the upcoming film and the details of the story are still unknown, however, according to media reports, the film company Universal has allocated about $ 200 million for its production.