Top 10 Companies Which Use Instagram Stories To Promote Their Brand
By admin - September 20, 2020

There’s no doubt that Instagram is indeed a successful investment for its parental company Facebook. As it hits more than a billion monthly active users, it becomes more and more popular among the companies’ promotional activities.

Besides the regular post feature, Instagram suggests its users a Story Feature, just like Snapchat’s one, with a lifetime of 24 hours.

Nowadays the researches show that more than 50% of companies actively use Instagram Story feature. And it is the second most preferred social media between teenagers.

From companies’ perspectives, stories can be used either for showing their behind-scenes moments or for promoting emerging services and products. Companies do use account take-over by celebrities quite often, as well.

We would like to tell you about companies that successfully implemented Instagram Story in their business campaigns.

1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Car UK created a Campaign for IG stories after a successful collaboration with Facebook Creative Shop. For now, Mercedes-Benz is such an active user of IG story features. Those are today’s stories from Mercedes-Benz:

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Roy Rochlin