Top 10 Companies Which Use Instagram Stories To Promote Their Brand
By admin - September 20, 2020

There’s no doubt that Instagram is indeed a successful investment for its parental company Facebook. As it hits more than a billion monthly active users, it becomes more and more popular among the companies’ promotional activities.

Besides the regular post feature, Instagram suggests its users a Story Feature, just like Snapchat’s one, with a lifetime of 24 hours.

Nowadays the researches show that more than 50% of companies actively use Instagram Story feature. And it is the second most preferred social media between teenagers.

From companies’ perspectives, stories can be used either for showing their behind-scenes moments or for promoting emerging services and products. Companies do use account take-over by celebrities quite often, as well.

We would like to tell you about companies that successfully implemented Instagram Story in their business campaigns.

1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Car UK created a Campaign for IG stories after a successful collaboration with Facebook Creative Shop. For now, Mercedes-Benz is such an active user of IG story features. Those are today’s stories from Mercedes-Benz:

2. E! News

IG story has also been used by E! News for various purposes: for their best magazine headlines, celebrity account takeovers, top stories, etc.

3. Twitter

Twitter stories are mainly about social causes, news, sports, celebrities, etc. Video story has a swipe up feature that leads you to the original tweet. How smart of you, Twitter, huh? As a fact, we would like to remind you that a couple of weeks ago in Brazil Twitter started launching a feature called Fleets


NASA uses stories to share behind-the-scene moments with their followers. They are offering additional information, backgrounds, and more visuals.

5. Ryanair

Fair enough, Ryanair is a quite a fan of IG stories. They use a polls feature in order to ask viewers to identify the specific destination. Those polls do help travelers to plan future trips and find out about yet still unknown locations. Well, the last poll about destinations was the one that the Ryanair social media staff will never forget about. Let us help you to reminisce about it!

6. Michael Kors

The fashion house used IG stories mostly for millennial. They promote smart watches among young ladies. This led them to almost 9-point increase in favourability. Except for smartwatches, they promote new collections on daily basis. Their stories include behind-the scenes moments, as well.

7. AirPay

This company is extremely popular among the millennial audience. They were searching for an alternative way to increase its user base at a targeted cost per install. AirPay mobile made stories to drive app installs. It led the company to increase 17% in-app installs, a 52% decrease in CPR.

8. McDonald’s

Instagram stories increased their sales in stores quite well. They often use playful videos in stories that drag customers’ attention to it.

9. Lego

To increase awareness and sales, Lego used Canvas Ads in IG stories. This led them to decrease costs by 58% per click and showed a 45% lower CPR.

10. Maybelline New York

Last but not least, let’s talk about such a smart campaign of Maybelline New York! Nowadays, influencers not only have an impact on society but companies’ sales as well. Influencers promoted Maybelline’s new products through IG stories.