Top 10 Largest Renewable Energy Producer Company In The World
By admin - September 30, 2020

Renewable energy is the main source of energy for the energy sector in many countries around the world. The offices of the largest renewable energy companies are mainly located in Spain and Denmark, while the rest of the famous companies are located in China, the USA, and Canada.

Here are the top 10 largest renewable energy companies in the world. The data as of September 11 are used to compile the rating.

Iberdrola SA

Annual revenue: $ 38.3 billion
Net income: $ 4.0 billio
Market capitalization: $ 77.9 billion

Iberdrola is a multinational utility company of Spanish origin. The company is engaged in electricity generation and distribution. Iberdrola has branches in South America, the USA, Spain, and Portugal.

Vestas Wind Systems A / S

  1. Annual revenue: $ 15.6 billion
    Net profit: $ 563.2 billion
    Market capitalization: $ 29.4 billion

Vestas is a Danish company that generates energy through wind turbines. Besides, Vestas develops, manufactures, and installs wind turbines on its own. The company windmills are already built-in almost every country.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA

Annual revenue: $ 10.6 billion
Net profit: – $ 830.5 billion
Market capitalization: $ 17.4 billion

Siemens Gamesa is a Spanish wind turbine engineering company. Siemens Gamesa sells both land and sea wind turbines, which are already in active use in 90 countries.

Orsted A / S

Annual revenue: $ 6.4 billion
Net profit: $ 850.3 million
Market capitalization: $ 57.6 billion

Ostend is a Danish renewable energy company that uses several ways to generate renewable energy. The company’s wind and thermal energy sectors feature the most innovative technologies: offshore wind turbine ‘farms’ and thermal power plants.

JinkoSolar Holding Co.

  1. Annual revenue: $ 4.6 billion
    Net profit: $ 163.1 million
    Market capitalization: $ 945.4 million

JinkoSolar is a Chinese company that generates solar energy. In addition to electricity, the company offers customers the infrastructure needed to generate solar energy, such as solar panels and modules.

Canadian Solar Inc.

Annual revenue: $ 3.2 billion
Net profit: $ 257.3 million
Market capitalization: $ 1.7 billion

Canada Solar is a Canadian company that generates solar energy. ასევე also designs and manufactures devices that convert solar radiation or light energy into electricity. Canadian Solar has customers in 160 countries.

First Solar Inc.

Annual revenue: $ 3.1 billion
Net profit: $ 98.8 million
Market capitalization: $ 7.4 billion

First Solar is a solar energy company. Like other solar companies listed on this list, First Solar also provides users with devices that convert solar or light energy into electricity.

Brookfield Renewable Partners LP

Annual revenue: $ 2.9 billion
Net profit: – $ 34.3 million
Market capitalization: $ 8.2 billion

Brookfield Renewable is a Canadian limited liability company that owns and operates many renewable energy assets. Besides, Brookfield Renewable also has renewable power stations in many countries.

Renewable Energy Group Inc.

Annual revenue: $ 2.6 billion
Net profit: $ 563.3 million
Market capitalization: $ 1.6 billion

Renewable Energy Group is a biodiesel fuel company engaged in the trade of renewable and biodegradable fuels and chemicals. Renewable Energy Group produces biodegradable and renewable fuels by mixing waste, fats, vegetable oils, and other industrial raw materials.

SunPower Corp.

Annual revenue: $ 1.9 billion
Net income: $ 8.4 million
Market capitalization: $ 1.8 billion

SunPower is a solar energy company that also manufactures solar panels. SunPower is distinguished by its environmentally friendly and at the same time innovative ways of obtaining solar energy, as well as developed