Top Google Searches Of 2020
By admin - December 10, 2020

Google is the most popular search engine. It was founded in 1998 and today occupies 92.06% of the search engine market. Every year, the number of its users increases by 10-15% on average.

According to statistics, the average number of searches is 2 trillion annually, 5.8 billion daily, and 83,388 per second.

27% of Google users are American, 8.7% Indian, 4.6% Japanese and 3.6% Chinese. It should be noted that this system is the least popular in Brazil – residents of this country make up just 2.8% of Google users.

Let’s look at what people were searching for most often in 2020 on Google. That is what they were looking for when the coronavirus locked them in the homes of the world, which led to an increase in the consumption of digital products, including Google search engine.

  • Coronavirus;
  • Election results;
  • Kobe Bryant;
  • Zoom;
  • IPL.