Top Tech Companies In Fight Against Covid-19
By admin - September 20, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has spread all over the world. The virus is spreading rapidly. Countries are closing borders to alleviate the crisis. Many citizens are in self-isolation. It is interesting how Tech-companies act in a reality where countries are urging their citizens to stay home.

Social distancing and self-isolation are the best ways to defense yourself and most-importantly, others from pandemics. In such circumstances, social media becomes even more important. It is noteworthy that many social networks are actively combating the spread of false information about virus.


Facebook blocks ads that attempt to spread fake covid-19 treatment. In addition to this, Facebook posts WHO ads for free.


Instagramprovides their users with trustworthy sources of information on virus. Company blocks ads which are not from authorized providers. Suspicious ads have no way to spread through Instagram. Instagram shows more information from WHO, as well.


If you Search #Coronavirus on Twitter, a link to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) app will appear.


Like Google and Facebook, Amazon encourages its employees to work from home. At the same time, the company is fighting artificial price manipulation for products that are highly needed in pandemic conditions (disinfectants and hygiene products, towels, etc.).


Like Apple, Google fights the spread of misinformation. Advertisements on the Play Store that offer users a coronavirus drug or something similar will be blocked shortly. The company plans to launch a site in partnership with the US government that will provide people with reliable information about coronavirus.


In addition, Apple plans to transfer $ 7.5 million to the World Health Organization.


Microsoft has also been involved in the fight against Coronavirus. The company has launched a “coronavirus tracker” on Bing search engine, which gives users reliable information.


Co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian posted a billboard in Times Square, urging people to stay home.

Airbnb & Uber

Travel companies continue to fight against the spread of Coronavirus. Airbnb’s announced that booking on apartments can be canceled at any time for free. Uber says the company will pay to all drivers while being in quarantine. Uber is reminding riders to travel only when necessary.

Many companies try to alleviate the fear and isolation of the public as much as possible, which is really nice.