Top Tech YouTubers
By Andrew Parker - August 2, 2022

In today’s world, before anyone goes out to buy tech-related stuff, they definitely go through its reviews and specifications elaborated on YouTube by someone. This someone is referred to as a tech YouTuber who has become quite popular and rightly so. The creators of the top YouTube tech channels are frequently the first to alert fans to significant updates for computers, tablets, and new inventions since technology is continuously improving. Some of the best tech videos on the Internet are created by these channels. There is sure to be something for everyone because there are so many YouTubers producing quality tech content on a weekly basis. The top tech YouTubers who talk about real, high-quality information are listed here.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Dave Kotinsky

One of the most authentic Tech channels is by Marques Brownlee, namely MKBHD. He is such a humble, down-to-earth person who enjoys talking about technology. He also employs RED cameras, which is a plus! These cameras are excellent. Up next is MaxTech. MaxTech is quite interested in comparing various smartphones and laptops. Check out these people if you’re wanting to get an updated MacBook Pro or phone of any kind because they do extensive research to determine what is ideal. You should always remember Linus Tech Tips. Since Linus has been around for a while, his group has produced some of the most thorough tech videos.

He goes into extensive detail about all sorts, just like MaxTech! They frequently discuss a wide range of technology, including computers, video games, graphics cards, screens, and much more. Peter McKinnon should be your go-to person when discussing filmmaking. Peter is a filmmaker whose only interests are photography and video editing. Check him out if you’re interested in filmmaking equipment; he tests a tonne of new gear and is an expert camera operator. These are some of the absolute tech YouTubers we would definitely recommend you follow.