Top Trends That Will Emerge In The Future Home
By admin - September 27, 2020

When they asked the interior designers and architects what trends would emerge in the future, it is clear that the leading factor was the coronavirus pandemic. However, some of the predicted trends in home design still appeared before the pandemic, with the virus only slightly pushing for acceleration. Chicago-based designer Wendy Lebrum predicts that the demand for open plan rooms will decrease. However, in the wake of the changed lifestyle and daily life during the quarantine period – when several generations gather in one house, due to the cost of living independently and for other reasons – the traditional ways of dividing space and redistributing functions also change. In this article, we present several trends that will appear in your home in the next decade.

Demand on access to nature.

Interior designer Marion Philpott Miller said the demand for home office arrangements has increased significantly, though “it does not always mean a traditional desk and a giant leather chair.” Philpost Miller said he had to install the power in the outdoor recreation areas near the pool.

“Clients often ask us to turn their rooms into home offices and help them select suitable designs,” says New York-based designer Kevin Dumays, adding that video conferencing also requires a fashionable background.

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