Top Women In Tennis
By Laura Lee - March 1, 2022

Can you think of one sport where women are more famous than men? Well, maybe you haven’t thought about tennis. That’s right, in the world of tennis, female competitors are widely celebrated. So much so that they have partnerships with some of the world’s top brands and companies. Now you may not be a tennis fan but after seeing the top women in this field, you just might be.

Getty Images/AFP/Tiziana Fabi

You can’t talk about tennis without talking about the William’s sisters. American sisters Venus and Serena Williams have taken the tennis world by storm. So much so that Serena Williams has won a whopping 23 Grand Slam singles titles. That would be the most titles ever won in the Open Era. Venus William’s is the former number 1 for both the singles and doubles. She is considered to be one of the all-time greatest tennis players. If you are looking for a young woman that stands out amount the rest then you should have a look at Naomi Osaka. The young tennis player from Japan has already won 4 Grand Slam singles titles. Naomi is also the first Asian player from Japan to hold the top ranking in singles and doubles. Do keep in mind that this is for both women and men. Talk about a record-setter.

Following the great standards of Naomi Osaka, we have Ashleigh Barty. The 25-year-old Australian professional tennis player has set some high standards too. Ashleigh Barty ranks number 1 in the world for singles by the Women’s Tennis Association. She also is also the second Australian WTA singles number 1. Even though these are only a few of the top women in tennis, you can now see that there are in fact women that run the sports world. You may even have a peaked interest in tennis now.