Toyota Patents 'On-the-Fly' Autonomous Recharging Drone
By admin - November 17, 2020

Toyota has developed a drone patent that can reach you and replenish your car’s fuel supply. It does not matter if your car is running on gasoline, hydrogen fuel or electricity, but it is more relevant when the car is charging us and there are no charging stations nearby. This process is much like replenishing the stockpile of a militaristic aircraft when a tank plane delivers fuel to it.

The “automatic drone” includes a fuel tank, transfer mechanism and central controller. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Theoretically, before the stock runs out, the drone can recharge or refill the tank several times in one way before returning.

The drone is equipped with distance sensors, GPS and automated fuel ports (a device that “injects” fuel into the car), which will ensure the performance of the entire operation.

Obviously, this is just one patent and it is less likely that it will become a product for sale in the near future. Various technologies can even “prevent” its need in advance. Because even moving over long distances by electric car may no longer be a problem for new types of batteries. On the other hand, we have not even reached the level 5 autonomy yet. In other words, artificial intelligence is not yet developed to the level where a drone can go autonomously where it is needed.