U.S. Army Works On Technology That "Reads The Minds" Of Soldiers
By admin - November 27, 2020

The U.S. military is investing heavily in research in the field of neuroscience in the hope that the mechanism behind the various signals in the brain will become clearer.

The ultimate goal is to create a system that allows soldiers to communicate thoughts with each other. At the moment, such “telepathy” is a very distant prospect.

The Office of Military Studies (ARO) will spend more than $ 6 million on the project over the next five years. While this is quite a large sum for one project, scientists are not even close to the final goal. However, in the process, Army mercenaries made important findings.

“In this case, we not only measure [neural] signals but also interpret them,” said Hamid Krim, ARO program manager.

In other words, in this study, scientists were able to distinguish between neural signals that affect behavior. It is very difficult to distinguish one particular signal and its action from the rest because millions of nerve impulses are generated in our brain at the same time.