UK Warns People With Serious Allergies To Avoid Pfizer Vaccine After Two Adverse Reactions
By admin - December 9, 2020

Health authorities in the UK are warning people not to get vaccinated with Pifzer and BioNTech if they have experience with severe allergic reactions. This was reported by Reuters.

Yesterday, Britain became the first country to launch mass vaccination against the coronavirus. For the first time in the country, vaccine doses are given to people at risk. Two of the vaccinated people had a severe allergic reaction.

“As is typical for new vaccines, the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has, as a precaution, recommended that people with severe allergic reactions avoid the vaccine. “We have had adverse reactions in two patients who have experienced reactions,” said Stephen Povis, medical director of the National Health Service.

Fortunately, “both patients have recovered,” he adds.

It should be noted that allergic reactions were not considered during the basic testing of this particular vaccine, as people with such a history are not included in similar studies.

“We know from very extensive [vaccine] clinical trials that this was not typical for him,” MHRA chief executive Jun Rein told regulators. It is noteworthy that since yesterday, out of thousands of people vaccinated in the UK, adverse reactions have been reported in only two patients who have experienced severe allergies.