Under a Contract With NASA, Nokia Deploys 4G To The Moon
By admin - October 20, 2020

Soon there will be no excuse for leaving unanswered messages sent to astronauts.

NASA has donated $ 14.1 million to Nokia in the United States to develop a network connection to the moon. The funding is part of a $ 370 million grant provided by NASA to develop space exploration.

Nokia plans to create a 4G / LTE connection to the only natural satellite on Earth, which will eventually become a 5G network (just like it did on Earth). According to NASA, this will be “the first 4G / LTE communication system in space.”

“The system may be beneficial for the development of superficial communication over long distances to the moon, with increased speed and more reliability than current standards provide,” NASA said.

Nokia researcher Bell Lebs revealed more details about the project on Twitter. The company plans to make technological work on the moon, including video transmission, possible via wireless.

The connection was specially created due to unusual circumstances and takes into account “extreme temperatures, radiation and vacuum conditions in space”.

According to UPI, NASA said in a live broadcast of the announcement that the next phase of the project is the creation of a spacecraft and moon-adapted technologies. Although the timing of the innovative project is not yet known, administrator Jim Bridenstein said it is part of NASA’s grand plan to have a research base on the moon by 2028.