Understanding How Tesla Came to Be
By Marc Gordon - September 11, 2022

Since the beginning of history, mankind has sought to exploit the Earth’s precious resources for personal gain. We mined the gold for jewelry, the silver for plating, and centuries later, we extracted the oil for fuel. Fossil fuels, fuels that were decompressed under the heavy load of the land for millions of years, are the most prevalent fuel source used today. We use these in factories, terminals, and most importantly, in the cars that we drive. The consequences of fossil fuel use can be extensively damaging – climate change is one of the greatest global concerns being propagated today. It has, already, caused so much damage all over the world. It is incredibly important that mankind switches to alternative fuel sources especially for transport purposes given transport are a staple in the conduct of any functioning being. That is where electric cars come in.

As opposed to using the traditional petroleum or diesel options that most current cars do, electric cars have batteries that are charged and subsequently make the vehicle able to carry its weight for long distances. One of the most famous electric cars being used in the world today is the Tesla vehicle designed by billionaire Elon Musk. Musk, despite all the money he has made, still centers his focus on saving the world, and making sure that humanity survives as long as possible. As such, he put in grueling hours to make sure that the world has a good option for electric transportation.

Of course, Musk has made a lot of money from his Tesla ventures, but he has also left an indelible impact on the world. The move toward electric cars, and electric fuel sources in general, are vital for making sure that the world’s health is kept at safe levels.