Understanding Your Digital Footprint
By Claire Miles - September 29, 2022

Do you think of your smartphone as a way to connect with the world? Chances are you probably do and you aren’t the only one who does. You see, thanks to the advancements made through modern technology, you can connect with the world through your phone. After all, we have social media that connects people from all ends of the world. But with that, did you know that because of your online presence, you have a digital footprint? That’s right, much like a carbon footprint, you can control your digital one. All you need to do is understand it first.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Tom Werner

Now you may not fully understand what a digital footprint is and that’s totally okay. The best way to understand your digital footprint is by using your imagination. Yes, it may seem a bit odd but it will help. Can you picture all your social media accounts? Well now picture everything you post on it. Next, think of your google searches even the ones in your history. Lastly, think of everything you have stored in the cloud. It usually doesn’t seem like a lot but it all adds up when you start thinking about it. Everything you just thought of makes up your digital footprint.

You see, much like you have unique fingerprints, you have a unique digital footprint. Your digital footprint speaks to everything you do and have online. This even includes your emails, contacts, and food recipes you have searched online. With that said, your digital footprint can be traced right back to you even when you delete things. So how do you control it? Well, you can try to be mindful of everything you do online. This simply means taking note of what you post online and protecting your IP address. Also, try to watch what sites you allow to send you notifications and who you subscribe to.