Underwater Robot?- Why Not?
By admin - October 9, 2020

A team of engineers from the University of California has created a squid-like robot that can move like a living organism underwater.

“We have created all the important features that squid use for fast swimming. This is the first robot that can move fast like a squid. Squid can do this by changing their body shape, which increases their swimming efficiency,” said study author Michael Tolly.

Squid are one of the fastest swimmers in the water world. They first pump water through special muscular parks and then expel it. In this way they form water cannons.

The robot has its own source of electricity, it is made of acrylic and some solid, 3D printed material. It is possible to equip the robot with sensors and a camera to explore the underwater world.

A team of engineers also tested the robot in a large aquarium where live fish and corals were housed. The next step for the team is to re-process the robot nose (which expels water) to increase its efficiency.