Video Subtitles On YouTube Will Be Generated By AI
By admin - November 25, 2020

A few months ago Youtube added a new feature called Youtube Chapters, which involves splitting videos into sections and assigning subtitles to them. With this approach, it is easier for the viewer to watch long videos and, moreover, it is often possible to save time. It should also be noted that in order to use this feature, the author of the video needs to manually activate it.

From today, however, artificial intelligence support will be added to the Youtube Chapter. If before, video creators had to artificially separate / title video clips, now with the help of artificial intelligence, this process will be performed automatically. The principle of its operation is as follows: the system actively reads the audio text from the video and tries to figure out which title fits which part.

Getty Images/AFP/AFP

Of course, this is a very good innovation, it’s better to skip the sponsored ads in the video and skip to exactly which section you are interested in, however, take into account the fact that this AI has just been added to YouTube and so far, is not working properly. For example, if in the video the author has made a “soft” transition from one topic to another, in this case, artificial intelligence will probably not understand how to split the video.

At this point, this AI will only work on short videos, which is a good way to test the effectiveness of its work. After correcting the flaws, we will meet him in long videos as well. In other words, the system may not be very accurate from the beginning, however, its refinement is a real goal in the future.