Viral News Online
By Marc Gordon - January 25, 2023

In the digital age, specific videos have the power to go viral, sending them to the top of the internet’s trending topics. Viral videos are short clips shared widely across the web and tend to become short-lived phenomena. While some of these videos get their start on social media platforms, many are spread quickly due to the power of video-sharing sites like YouTube.

The types of videos that can become viral vary greatly, from funny pet tricks to shocking political news. While many of these videos become popular amongst the internet’s viewers due to their comedic value, they can also spread quickly to bring attention to a severe or pressing issue. It also reveals how quickly news and stories can travel worldwide and draw attention to a particular cause. This power has been used to spread awareness and rally people behind reasons ranging from environmental protection to social justice.

Getty Images / Moment / David Espejo

Regardless of the type of video, a viral video needs certain qualities to succeed. It needs something unique, whether it’s an unexpected twist, a surprising message, or another unique aspect. It also needs to be relatable to the viewers, as this increases the chance of people sharing it with their friends. Additionally, it needs to have a universal appeal so that audiences can enjoy it regardless of age or location.

The downside to viral videos is that while they are often entertaining, they don’t generally last very long. The attention they receive is usually short-lived, as it is challenging to maintain the viewers’ interest. Additionally, there is often a backlash associated with viral videos, as some find it to be a form of clickbait or an annoyance. Nevertheless, viral videos can be a great way to spread a message or bring attention to a cause, and they will likely continue to be a part of the internet’s landscape in the future.