Warner Bros. Apologize After 'The Witches' Faces Criticism From Disability Advocates
By admin - November 6, 2020

People with disabilities have criticized Robert Zemeckis’s new film Alkajis. The main characters of the comedy horror, the Alkajis, have three fingers on their hands, according to some people with disabilities, such a defect in the characters is offensive to people who have defects in the limbs.

One of the first protests was by Paralympian athlete, swimmer Amy Maren.

“Warner Bros., have you thought about what impact the film will have on the community of people with different limbs?” – writes a swimmer in the social network.

Thousands of negative posts on the social network Warner Bros. Film Studio. He apologized.

“Together with the designers and artists, we tried to integrate the cat and human hand. Our goal was not to make people identify with themselves in fantastic, inhuman beings. The studio is very sorry and apologizes for this misunderstanding.” – It is written in the official statement of the studio.