Ways To Leave Your Work At The Office
By Alexandra Wade - June 13, 2022

In this fast world of globalization, we remain so connected with everything that it gets a challenge to disconnect at times. We are always a text, a call, or a WhatsApp message away. Communication is made so much cheaper and available that it does get tiring for everyone to disconnect. Can’t find that specific document in the directory? Just call your boss. However, the accessibility has had much greater disadvantages of always staying connected to work and never taking a break.

Many people can not even share a family joy together because amidst a very eventful evening they might just get a call from work. Many people are forced to question themselves at times such as “Do we have a life beyond work?” and “How and what things should we prioritize?”. These questions do not have a simplified answer. We all know how the world is so connected that we just can’t escape reality. Thus, this article will give you ways that will help you to master the art of division.

Mastering the art of division is known as to compartmentalize work according to the priority. If you are at your office from 9 am to 5 pm you should be focused on your work. Stop thinking about your family, friends, and other relatives. Initially, it would be a challenge considering the fact that our minds are so intermixed with everything but try forming a habit out of it. A very easy yet effective hack is to use two different devices for work and home. Do not use the same laptop for work and at home. This will just allow your mind to focus on things that do nothing with you. Furthermore, you can also get apps that pause all your work notifications when you are at home. This allows you to unwind while recognizing the importance.