What Causes Burnout And How Can We Avoid It
By admin - December 21, 2020

Burnout is a stage of mental and physical exhaustion when you no longer have the vital forces and joy to work, meet friends or interact with family members. This is caused by being in a stressful situation for a long time, prolonged working hours or even understanding unpleasant news. At such times, for the most part, the only thing on our minds is quitting, but is that the best solution? – In this article I will tell you about burnout and tell you how you can restore energy.

What are the signs of burnout?

If you think you’re burning, but you’re still not sure, here ‘s a list of signs that can help guide you:

Exhaustion – The feeling of being physically and emotionally exhausted. Physical symptoms may include headaches, stomach aches, changes in appetite or sleep patterns.

Isolation – People who are “burned out” are often depressed. As a result, they refuse to socialize, interact with friends, family, or co-workers.

Fantasies about running away – People who do endless work at work may have dreamed of running away or traveling alone. In extreme cases, they use alcohol or drugs to alleviate emotional pain or quench their emotions with sweets.

Irritability – When burning, people may not be able to maintain peace and balance in their relationships with friends and acquaintances. Everyday tasks such as preparing for a meeting at work, taking your children to school or taking care of household chores may seem overwhelming, especially if things do not go according to plan.

Frequent illness – burns, as well as prolonged stress weakens the immune system. As a result, colds, flu and insomnia are easily confused. It often causes depression and anxiety disorders as well.

How to avoid burnout?

Stress is difficult to avoid, but burnout prevention is always possible. To do this, take the following steps:

Do Workout

Exercise will not only improve your physical health, but also make you emotionally positive. It is not necessary to spend hours in the gym. You can always include short exercises or even a walk at home in your daily plan.

Balance meals

Healthy foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are natural antidepressants. Fish, nuts, flax seeds and other products will take care of improving your character.

Develop a sleep mode

Our body needs rest and “reset”, so healthy sleep is a good way to prosperity. Avoid caffeine at bedtime, try to spend less time at the screen before going to bed and work out a sleep mode.

Ask for help

It is important to seek help during times of stress. If this is difficult for you, keep in mind that you can often tell close friends or family about your situation and help each other during difficult times.