What Does Elon Musk Think Of CYBERPUNK?
By admin - December 15, 2020

The New York Times published information that the long-awaited video game of gamers – Cyberpunk 2077 has many problems and shortcomings. In fact, the game developers have officially apologized and offered to frustrate the frustrated players.

The case became even more bizarre when Tesla CEO and cyberpunk enthusiast Elon Musk took part in discussing the topic. It is not typical for a billionaire to enter into an unrelated internet discussion with him, however, according to CNET, Musk may have his own cameo game.

In an official statement posted on CYBERPUNK’s Twitter account, Musk responded to the company with a Reddit screen showing an extremely negative rating of an anonymous frustrated player.

Musk posted a mime of Michael Scott, the main character of the famous TV series “Office”, Steve Carell, who roughly and thoughtfully wields his index finger, while the index finger depicts the title of the game. This mime may not give you anything, but it probably hints at the frustration that users have felt.

Musk, who has never been active in mocking posts on social media, has also posted a few more mimics featuring his genitals.

Musk also made his own assessment of the game, saying, “It looks pretty good. I chose a nominee, so the start went a bit slow, but it went fast. It looks like almost every Steam was playing Cyberpunk this weekend!”