What Happened Next - Watch The Trailer For The Special Episode Of Euphoria
By admin - December 1, 2020

The TV series Euphoria and its main star – Emmy Historic Award winner Zendeia are returning.

Loyal fans of this HBO teen drama already know full well that in just a few days, on December 6, a special episode of the series will be released. A few hours ago, the first trailer of this episode was released:

As we already know, the first special episode of Euphoria developed around the main character, Rus, and a new trailer has confirmed this: the next series will continue the story line from exactly the section where the first season of the series ended.

In this almost minute-long video, we see Ru sitting in a cafe and remembering how he broke up with Hunter. Finally we see him sitting in front of Ali, who he met at an anonymous meeting of drug addicts.

“Why did you call me?” Ali asks him and we will find the answer to this question in the next episode.

Back in October, it became known that HBO could not attend the shooting of the second season of this high-profile TV show, although in return it will offer viewers two special episodes.

We will see the first episode soon, but almost nothing is known about the second one, including the release date. If we consider that the name of the first episode is Ru, the second episode will most likely tell the story from Jules’ point of view.