What is Creeking?
By Rachel Jones - July 19, 2023

Creeking is an outdoor activity that combines aspects of kayaking, mountaineering and canyoneering. It involves the exploration of small-scale waterways such as creeks, streams and rivers in order to discover hidden gems within them. Creeking is a great way to enjoy nature while still pushing yourself physically and mentally. It allows you to explore areas that would otherwise be inaccessible due to their location or size and also provides a unique perspective on the environment around us.

Creeking requires knowledge about water safety, navigation techniques, proper equipment usage and risk assessment before attempting any descent into a creek or river system. The most important piece of equipment for creeking is of course the kayak itself; ideally one designed specifically for whitewater use with features such as self-bailing cockpits and sealed bulkheads which help keep your gear dry even when capsized in rough water conditions. You’ll also need protective clothing including neoprene wetsuits/drysuits, helmets, buoyancy aids (PFDs) and appropriate footwear depending on what type of terrain you plan on navigating through during your descent downriver.

Once you’ve got all your gear sorted, you can begin to plan your route. This is where the fun begins! Creeking allows you to access places that may have never been seen by humans before and explore areas with beautiful waterfalls, rapids and wildlife. During your descent you will frequently need to make decisions about which route to take based on water levels and potential hazards. This is all part of the creeking experience, as each descent will be different from the last!

Getty Images/ Moment/ Artur Debat

Creeking isn’t just about exploring nature, it’s also a great way to have fun and challenge yourself physically and mentally. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, creeking can be both rewarding and thrilling. Whatever your skill level may be, it’s worth giving creeking a try to experience the rugged beauty of nature from an entirely new perspective!

If you’re feeling adventurous and are ready to explore the waterways of your area, don’t hesitate and start creeking today! Get a kayak and safety gear, plan your route and you’re ready to go. Who knows what hidden gems you might discover! So don’t wait any longer and join the world of creeking now!