What Is Emotional Design?
By admin - October 16, 2020

“Anything can evoke emotion” is a phrase that was said a long time ago. Indeed, that anything can cause emotion in a person, the main thing is how you package a particular product. There is a term “emotional design”, which refers to the use of design principles in such a way that the end result evokes a specific emotion in the customer.

How do designers try to create emotional designs?

Getty Images/Westend61/Westend61

To achieve an emotional design, you must first consider the UX factor, or user experience.

  1. The work must be identifiable, for this you can use: face, specific symbol, animal, what is associated with your industry or organization;
  2. Use the psychology of colors;
  3. Inspirational Kofi: “You are here, which means that this day will be better!”
  4. Use humor. A visual in which humor easily evokes positive emotion in the user.

No matter what product you buy, remember to be friendly, direct and show your individuality as much as possible with the help of design. First you, as a designer, need to understand what the core value of your brand is in order to convince others of this.