What is Sonic Branding?
By admin - October 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered why every cell phone has a different call? Or all messages in their own voice? Apple, Samsung spend a lot of money to create a voice that will be associated with their brand, which is exactly what Sonic branding is all about.

One of the five main senses is hearing, each sound you hear has a different effect on your brain and psychology. It is necessary to use “auditory psychology” to evoke deeper emotions in people.

Anyway what is Sonic Branding?
Sonic branding is a strategy in which companies use a specific voice to increase their customer awareness.

Every time you turn on the computer with Microsoft Windows sound, you will hear the corresponding music when you turn on the PlayStation. Sonic branding uses a small amount of music to express the value of a particular brand. If you understand the music with the logo at least once, the second time you listen to it, it will become familiar to you and associated with this brand.

Sonic branding in movies

There is always a small gap between the inclusion of a movie and its start, this is the moment when the logo of a particular company appears along with the music

For example, in all 20th Century Fox movies, the introductory music evokes emotions as if you were preparing to see something interesting.