What is Space Junk And Why is it a Problem?
By admin - November 12, 2020

While SpaceX is trying to make reuse of rockets the norm, we are leaving more and more garbage in space.

In order to collect this often hazardous waste in one place and use it for its own benefit, a company called Nanoracks decided to turn this waste into space stations.

Nanoracks CEO Jeffrey Manber is particularly interested in the abandoned upper parts of the rocket because he thinks good space stations will come out of them.

Yet such a thing has never happened in Earth orbit. That’s why the Nanoracks robot will be up and running by May 2021.

“NASA has considered the idea of ​​reviving fuel supplies several times, but it has always been neglected, largely because we did not have the technology developed for scammers,” Manber said in an interview.

If this plan works, Manber said, it will play an important role in the disposal of space debris, while on the other hand, the construction of space stations will facilitate many scientific experiments.

“When I look to the future in 15-20 years, I see missions at these stations,” Manber said.