What It Means to Go "Zero Waste"
By Laura Lee - September 14, 2022

Do you know anything about recycling? Well if you don’t, no problem. Recycling is simply the process of taking your waste and creating something new from it. This is why you will see that many places have bins for different materials. This includes glass, plastic and metals to name a few. By recycling these items you are actually doing a good thing because it means that they are not simply thrown away. Instead, they are renewed into useful products. This is where zero waste comes in. Zero waste follows the same concept of recycling however it is taken a step further.


Many people think that being vegan and being zero waste is the same thing. However, it is not. You see with zero waste, you are actually vouching to not create waste. This means that you don’t use things like shopping bags, plastic water bottles and containers. Now you may be wondering how it is possible to live life without creating waste. The fact is that you really can. What you don’t know is that you actually create a lot of waste daily without even knowing about it. Waste and convenience actually go hand in hand. So all you need to do is find the perfect balance between the two.

You can also find alternatives. By alternatives we mean that instead of buying a product that comes in a container which you will just throw away, you should instead bring your own container to the store. You can also reuse the same shopping bags to hold your groceries. By now you must have noticed that the entire point of being zero waste is all about reusing what you already have. Many people make use of glass containers and try to avoid buying things that are prepackaged. You see, going zero waste can be easy.