What Makes An Organization Culture Good?
By Andrew Parker - July 7, 2022

The culture of an organization is a vital factor that an employee considers before joining the respective organization. An efficient and healthy culture is what drives organizations, whether small or big, to success. Executives at organizations must take into account what their company’s values are based upon and the need to understand the culture of their organization as it is the culture that forms the basis of an organization. In this article, we examine what exactly constitutes a good organizational culture.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Luis Alvarez

From the outside, a bystander’s perception of a company’s organizational culture is known as surface culture. These opinions are formed based on what a person observes, hears, or feels about the company’s organizational culture and leadership. Outward representations of a firm’s culture can reveal what the company values and how it operates. A company that gives sufficient perks and benefits and has a moderately formal attire and appearance policy are good indicators of a healthy organizational culture. Modern technology installed in the offices also gives off good impressions for the company. Last but not the least, effective rewards and recognition system is a key indicator of a good organizational culture as it improves employees’ satisfaction and retains their motivation.

The deeper culture of an organization reveals what exactly the company is from the inside. Having a decent surface culture but an unsatisfactory deeper culture is of no advantage to either a potential employee or the organization itself. The company must establish its true vision and mission and communicate this on a regular basis to its employees so that an appropriate and decent culture is maintained. Moreover, the organization must give authority to employees in some aspects. Having employees take part in key decisions garners creativity in the long-term plans of the organization. Finally, an important part of a healthy organizational culture is the firm’s offering of opportunities for employees’ training and professional development. Introducing training programs and seminars for employees can increase workforce motivation and lead to a sustainable culture in an organization.