What Students Can Do Over The Summer
By Claire Miles - May 28, 2022

With the summer break approaching fast, high schoolers and university students are wondering what they should be doing over the next two to three months? Having had a long year, many students wish to kick back, relax, and enjoy their summer vacations. Perhaps they could consider spending a day at the beach, surfing the waves, getting a tan, or just enjoying the cool breeze under the warmth of the sun. Maybe they could start a new video game on their PlayStation or Xbox. They could go on a picnic or camping with their parents, rebuilding their bond by making up for time lost in the year-round busy schedules, filled with projects, homework, assignments, and quizzes.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Hello World

The long summer break may even be enough for them to work on their favorite hobbies, or instead discover new ones. They could explore their artistic side, by picking up a brush and smearing it across the canvas or delve into more delicate drawings by carefully sketching and shading with great accuracy and perfection. Otherwise, they could spend their evenings at the library, lost in the imaginary worlds of novels and stories from their favorite authors. They could even just spend time cooped up in their blankets, re-watching their favorite shows on Netflix.

Of course, some students are going to want to make use of their summer vacations to propel their careers by looking for an internship at their dream company or learning a new skill to further their expertise in their desired profession. Different people hold different expectations from their summer vacations. But whether someone chooses to relax or pursue their hobbies in order to come back in full strength after the break, or whether someone continues to work on their career, it is important to enjoy your break however you feel best.