What You Need As A Digital Nomad
By Keith Donnelly - August 5, 2022

If you don’t like the life of spending every day in an apartment and having a physical office where you go every day and are considering the life of a nomad, then you need to know what things are going to be essential for you. You might be traveling around and basically living in your van which would make storing things a lot easier but even if you are hopping from hotel to hotel and just need things you can carry in a small suitcase, then read through what you are going to need.

Getty Images/Westend61

The life of a nomad is most likely to have freelancing or a remote job that would allow him or her to afford that lifestyle. In order to work, you are obviously going to need your laptop, along with a lengthy charger so using it can be as convenient as possible. You would also be better off carrying a wifi extender to boost your signals wherever you go. You might also need a travel adapter and a multi-plug cable to allow yourself accessibility to whatever kind of resources are available to you so you can continue to work.

Next, you need to know that the life of a nomad can be rather dangerous. You are going to be carrying valuable items in your bag in neighborhoods that you are not aware of. In order to be prepared for this, you need to be ready for the worst. The most common and convenient tool to carry with you is a Tazer. Make sure it is charged and that you always have it on you. It wouldn’t hurt if you could take up some self-defense training as well. The life of a nomad can be difficult, but if you make sure you carry the right equipment, you should be good to go.