What's Food Marketing?
By admin - October 24, 2020

Why do you think food is found in transparent showcases while walking on the street? Or why is food advertised in open form in all advertisements? – The answer to this question is Food Marketing.

The main goal of Food Marketing is to demonstrate the benefits of food and to plan campaigns tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Getty Images/Moment/Burcu Atalay Tankut

If we look back to the 1800s we realize that there was no marketing strategy for food products at that time. The customer chose the product according to the location, whichever store was closer to the customer’s house, he also bought the product there.

Today, brands are actively using digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and inspire customer confidence. Food content, delivery form and style are tailored to customer requirements and tastes. The analysis of all this is done with the help of marketing strategies.