Where Is Santa Claus Right Now?- Track Santa Claus Online With Google
By admin - December 26, 2020

The North American Space Defense Command (NORAD) and Google have been tracking Santa for several years. Before visiting the website, read where this inspiration and tradition comes from.

NORAD Tracks Santa has been operating for 65 years. Santa’s “tracking tradition” began in 1955, when a toddler saw a newspaper ad urging children to call Santa. He accidentally dialed the phone number of the Continental Air Defense (CONAD) Operations Center. Cheerful and seemingly a little childish, the director instructed his staff to inform the children about the “current location” of Santa Claus.

Since then, this tradition has become increasingly popular, and perhaps many can no longer imagine Christmas without understanding the location of Santa Claus.

Now, in addition to reading and browsing books about Santa Claus, listening to Christmas games and hymns, the site has added Google Assistant, which you can ask – “Google, where is Santa now ?!”. In response, the elves will “respond”.

Like Google Assistant, you can use Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa.