Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?
By Ariella Jacobs - May 4, 2022

Often, you want to buy a fantastic new Apple product because the company’s perfect marketing convinces you that you need the new iPhone for the super-fast new chip, which chances are you won’t even remember about once you have the iPhone. And will hardly be able to tell the difference from the older chip because you probably are an average user. This leads to whether Apple products are worth buying, given the hefty price tag. This article addresses why Apple products are so expensive in the first place, and this should help you determine if they are worth paying the price.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Sean Gallup

Time and again, Apple has prided itself on never compromising on the quality of its products. This is quite true because Apple products tend to outlive their counterparts so a MacBook will last you much longer than a Windows or Lenovo laptop. And that is just facts! The hardware of Apple’s products is carefully designed, manufactured, and assembled using premium materials like aluminum. Add the software in the mix, which includes operating systems and other native applications, and the product is unlike any. The software is optimized to fully take advantage of that hardware, which is exclusive to Apple products.

Apple also spends an insanely high amount on Research and Development, making innovation one of its prime goals. The most recent example of this unparalleled innovation is the M1 CPU chips and the recently released M1 Pro and M1 Mac chips. These chips are unlike any in their market, making MacBook powerhouses, equipping these computers with high speeds and long-lasting batteries. Adding these chips to their Macs and iPads has revolutionized the CPU industry. Some argue that these chips have placed Apple as the thought leader of Silicon Valley!