Why Do Companies Spend So Much On Advertising In Times Square?
By admin - October 15, 2020

What do people remember about Times Square? Probably one of the reasons listed will definitely be advertising. Lots of ads together that come in very bright and memorable shades to the human eye. We often see this place in movies and shows with lots of dazzling images and lots of people. Why spend a fortune on companies advertising Times Square when they can do it alone?

According to Time Square NYC, an average of 380,000 pedestrians and up to 115,000 vehicles travel to the site daily. On holidays, for example at Christmas, that number could rise to 460,000. Judging by these numbers we can boldly say that such an advertisement has the greatest impact on the consumer, it does not matter if a person actually walks or drives through Manhattan, if he just watches any advertisement in a movie or show.

The reason why bright, dazzling and eye-catching colors are used in almost all advertisements is because the author of each advertisement tries to draw the user’s attention to it from the numerous advertisements. It seems to be a routine to go to this area and turn a blind eye to so many ads, however the image of the product displayed here is still subconsciously remembered by the customer and when faced with a choice, he chooses this particular product.

Purchasing advertising space on Times Square ranges from $ 1.1 million to $ 4 million a year, and ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 per day. Why is such advertising so expensive here?

Because it is one of the busiest places in the world, most tourists gather here. When you want many people of different types, nationalities, desires and interests to understand about your product, this type of advertising is the right choice. Events are often held here during which the eye of a lot of people perceives a specific advertisement of a particular brand.