World's Most Dangerous Countries For 2021 Revealed
By admin - December 3, 2020

Libya, Syria and Afghanistan are among the most dangerous countries, according to the international medical and safety specialists of the international organization International SOS. Representatives of the organization divided the countries into five categories according to the risks, which are composed of the threats of political violence in the country (including terrorism, insurgency, political tension and war), social tensions (sectarian, communal and ethical violence), violence and petty crime.

Assessing the state of each country also took into account the public transport infrastructure, the health of professional relationships, the effectiveness of security and emergency services, and the country’s approach to natural disasters.

The lowest risk levels – “minor” – were awarded to only seven European countries: Iceland, Denmark (and the Greenland Autonomous Territory), Norway, Finland, Slovenia and Luxembourg.

The “low risk” countries include most of the European countries, including the United Kingdom. In the same category are the US, Canada and Australia.

Most of the countries with the highest risk status – “extreme” – are located in Africa and the Middle East. Their total number is 14: Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt. Ukraine is on the same list.