World’s Only Known White Giraffe Fitted With GPS Tracker to Deter The Poachers
By admin - November 18, 2020

Some animals sometimes have a strange, completely white color. A certain genetic condition causes the living organisms to lose their pigmentation (coloration), which is why they appear completely white. Loss of pigmentation caused by various causes is called leukemia.

There were only a few white giraffes in the world, though they have been killed by poachers in recent years, so there is only one left that rangers have recently equipped with trackers.

Scientists say that with the help of the tracker they will be able to constantly monitor the location of the giraffe, which will simplify the fight against poaching. The tracker was attached to the giraffe on the horn on November 8th.

White giraffes first appeared in Tanzania and then in Kenya in 2016. A year later, the body of a female giraffe and her 7-month-old baby was found.

The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world, found in 15 African countries. The giraffe population has shrunk by 40% in the last 30 years, largely due to poaching.

There are a total of 68,293 giraffes in the world, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed this animal on its “red list” due to rapid population decline.