WTO To Appoint A First Female Boss
By admin - October 9, 2020

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will have a female leader for the first time in history. The election of a new leader is in its final stages. The BBC reports about this.

According to the publication, two of the eight candidates have been selected, and both are women, one of whom is former Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and the other South Korean Minister of Commerce Yoo Myung-hee.

Both finalists have both political and international experience, both of whom were educated in the United States.

The former Nigerian finance minister has also held the position of foreign minister for some time, as well as holding leading positions as an economist at the World Bank. He is currently chairing the Gavi Council of the International Okonjo-Iveala Vaccine Alliance.

As for the second candidate, Yo Myung-hee, he is a trade specialist and “knows a lot about trade issues.”

Both candidates can successfully negotiate agreements between the parties, which is one of the main conditions for the head of the World Trade Organization.

As the publication writes, the World Trade Organization will name a new head by the beginning of November.