Xiaomi Plans To Bring Brand New Camera Design
By admin - November 16, 2020

Xiaomi continues to experiment with smartphone cameras. They introduced an indoor selfie camera earlier this year. They were also the first to make a 108-megapixel sensor available. Their flagship, the Mi Mix 3, also has a lift screen that allows the sensor to be seen behind the panel when moved. This time, the company is trying to incorporate camera technology into the smartphone. Xiaomi posted two posts on Twitter on November 10, one about the 120mm equivalent wide-aperture lens and the other about the 50mm equivalent telescope.

In a video posted on Twitter, Xiaomi introduced a phone with a lens camera attached to the back. Watch the video:

The company said that the source of their inspiration in creating such a product was a traditional camera. Their products differ from the above with a larger diameter of the lens and an improved stabilizer, which provides better quality images even in low light conditions. The company did not pay attention to other details of the lens.

From the second post we see how the telemacro lens works – it can be used to take sharp, clear photos even when approaching an object. The telemacro is two in one – a combination of a phone camera and a macro lens, which can be used to zoom in and out of focus when ready to take a photo.

Xiaomi has not yet made an announcement about when we will see a new camera on their smartphones, though given the company history, it will not be surprising to see it in the near future.