YouTube will not release a YouTube Rewind for 2020
By admin - November 12, 2020

YouTube Rewind – The annual video streaming service, which brings together year-round content creators, trends and moments, will no longer be released this year.

According to the company, “2020 was a different year” and “it would be wrong to act as if it were not so.” Thus, this will be the first year since 2010 when YouTube will not create an annual video collage. Although in recent years this video has become more comical for content creators – as evidenced by the fact that the 2018 commemorative collage has become the most “disliked” video of the year – it is still part of the YouTube tradition. According to the CEO of the company, Suzanne WuŠÉ™icki, the 2018 video made even them feel a little embarrassed.

“We know that in 2020 you have all created a lot of good things,” YouTube said in a statement.

As people spent most of their time at home this year, the activity of users on YouTube has increased dramatically. According to the company, by the end of March, videos with the headline “Get with me”, “Get ready with me”, “Work with me”, “Learn with me” became especially visible on the platform. Like Facebook, live streaming of videos was also popular on the platform.

YouTube has not said whether the traditional video collage will return in 2021. Like everything else, this, in all probability, depends on the future development of the situation.