Zendaya Releases Poster For Upcoming Euphoria Special Episode
By admin - November 26, 2020

As we already know, it is true that the second season of the series Euphoria will be released later than expected (probably in 2021), but in return the creators of the show will release two special episodes to delight the loyal fans before the New Year, to alleviate the longing a little bit.


It is not yet known when the second episode will be released, however we know that we will be able to watch the first special series in just a few days, on December 6th.

To remind you of this, the star of the show Zendaya also shared the poster of the first episode, which is called Trouble Don’t Last Always (The tribulation does not last forever).

As soon as the first episode was announced, it was known that the story would mainly revolve around the main character, Rus: the first special series tells the story of a Russian self-defense after leaving Jules at the train station.