Zoom Is Reportedly Working On Its Own Email Service
By admin - December 25, 2020

Zoom and Google are already seen as competitors in the field of video conferencing platforms. Google Meet Zoom is a direct competitor. This time around, it looks like Zoom is also going to compete with Google in terms of email. According to The Information, Zoom provides customers with its own email and calendar, making its video conferencing service more convenient and complete.

2020 was an important year for video conferencing platforms. A pandemic has locked us in our homes. We used video calls for work or study. In 2021, when it is likely that the world will have to return to the usual lifestyle, such platforms will lose their relevance again. (Anyway, compared to what the demand is for them right now). Consequently, Zoom seeks to offer new services to its loyal customers. Therefore be able to maintain them.

According to the source, Zoom email service will appear in 2021. However, Gmail already exists and it has many users. To compete with him, Zoom is likely to be very difficult.